Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Folktellers Connie Regan and Barbara Freeman: Chillers

This record also had some very good stories on it. Connie Regan
also has her own cd! Buy it here!

Click here to download "Chillers" as a ZIP Folder file!

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Connie said...

Hi Glenne,

I just came across your blog and appreciate the good words you have for my and Barbara Freeman’s recordings. Please know that all of the recordings are under copyright and that open file sharing hurts artists who make their living from the sales of their work. If the files on Megaupload and Mediafire are from you, could you possibly remove them? Please confirm so that we don’t have to report it as abuse.

My album “Chilling Ghost Stories” is a collection of scary stories (some of the same stories that were on “Chillers) and available on CD at Several of the stories from “Tales To Grow On” are available on my CD “Stories For The Road And To Grow On” and also available on my website. I would appreciate you pointing folks directly to my website and removing any links to free download sites.

Thanks and please let me know that you have received this (

Connie Regan-Blake